Laurens Academy will provide a safe, secure environment that will enhance each student’s opportunity to develop to his or her highest potential academically, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.


We pray that through teaching, coaching and most of all …example, each Laurens Academy student will develop the character to “do the right thing” in all aspects of the student’s life.

Prayer, Community Service, Integrity, Discipline, Achievement, Patriotism, Lifelong Learning, Sportsmanship, Pursuit of Excellence, Work Ethic, Respect, Honesty, Family, Appreciation and Compassion.


Laurens Academy has adopted seven general objectives that run throughout our curriculum. It is our desire that each student successfully improve in the following areas: Time and Space Organization, Self-Esteem, Independent Study and Research, Effective Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Christian Relationships, Values, and Cultural Literacy.


All students participate in a weekly chapel service presented by students, teachers, and outside guests. This is a special time where the school comes together to learn, share, and pray. The faculty is encouraged, when applicable, to incorporate Christian history and principles in their daily activities. Acquiring and maintaining a good character is stressed with all students and is an important part of what we are at Laurens Academy.