The elementary school is a fun place to explore and learn each day! The Core Knowledge sequence is used to provide the strong foundation needed in all disciplines such as reading, math, history, science, music, art, foreign language, and physical education. Daily Bible devotions and prayer set the standard for the Christian environment where all students are valued and taught to treat one another with respect. The consistency of the curriculum throughout the elementary years allows students to build upon the previous year's knowledge and leads to a solid mastery and understanding of the subject area.

2018-19 School Supply Lists


Every day elementary students attend an activity class. Classes provide enrichment to the subjects taught in the classroom, contribute toward growing a more well-rounded student and are outlets for creativity and physical fitness. Classes include Spanish, Music, Art, Library, Computer Lab and Tumbling or PE.
In Spanish, students learn to speak, recognize and write common words and phrases. Activities such as songs and videos reinforce retention. Students also learn about the cultures of Spanish speaking countries from around the world. Children that are exposed to foreign language at a young age are able to better acquire any language and remember it for life.

"Everybody here is like family. Everyone is really nice. I like my teacher and she explains things well. When I ask her to explain she says it in a different way to help us understand. I also enjoy playing with my friends."

-3rd Grade boy