Mr. Todd Kirk is the overseer of all things on campus. He works for and reports to the Board of Directors of Laurens Academy. His primary responsibility is the viability of the school and the long term success of the institution both financially and in the education services we provide. He can be found driving the bus on field trips, fixing things around campus, visiting classrooms or working the concession stand. His hands on approach makes him accessible to teachers and students as well as families, and gives him firsthand knowledge of what is happening at Laurens Academy.
Assistant Headmaster/Lower School Director
Mrs. Dianne Simmons brings many years of experience as a classroom teacher as well as administrator to Laurens Academy. Her ability to organize and problem solve make her a valuable asset to LA. She is responsible for curriculum details and teacher evaluations. She works closely with Mr. Kirk in handling personnel as well as student concerns. Mrs. Simmons is also in charge of standardized testing and accreditation oversight.

Bookkeeper/Lunch Room Coordinator
Mrs. Tammy Tollison has been the bookkeeper at Laurens Academy for over 20 years and has seen the growth in our school both financially as well as operationally. She is responsible for all accounts receivable and payable. She has recently taken on the responsibility of the lunch room, to the delight of many students. She is the one many students and teachers look to for assistance in the gym building since her office is in that facility.
Admissions Director/College Counselor
Mrs. Lisa Kirk is the first person new students and families will meet as they apply to Laurens Academy. She conducts tours, screens students and helps to meet the academic goals of the students who wish to attend LA. As the College Counselor, Mrs. Kirk helps students to identify their strengths and passions and direct them towards the college or career that is the best fit. She also works with our international students to help them transition academically into the American education system and help them to succeed not only in high school, but in college.
Data Information and Technology/Athletic Secretary
Mrs. Joani Stribling is the campus contact person for all things technology related. She handles the RenWeb school management software, which maintains teachers’ classroom information as well as students’ records. Mrs. Stribling is responsible for sending Parent Alert messages for families about important school announcements. When working with our international students, she insures that all vital information is properly filed for our students’ visas while they study in the US and travel abroad. As athletic secretary, Mrs. Stribling works with Coach Plowden on communications and bookkeeping duties.
Receptionist and attendance clerk
Mrs. Kimberly Lollis has worked in education for many years in the classroom, the front office and the district office. She brings her years of experience to the central command center of the front desk. Mrs. Lollis’ ability to see the perspective of faculty, staff, parents and students, makes her invaluable to our school when it comes to collecting and passing on necessary information. She is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful resource for Laurens Academy employees, students, families and visitors.