2016-17 International Tuition and Fees


Payment of Fees: It is preferred that all fees are paid by cash, certified check, bank wire transfer or US debit card.

Tuition: The cost of the Laurens Academy International Program includes college preparatory classes leading toward graduation and diploma,  ESL instruction, textbooks, SAT/ACT/TOEFL review, university tuition and books for dual-enrollment, and room and board.  Administrative fees, medical insurance, meals, and school activities are also included as outlined below:

Administration process: Handling of documents, including  application review, Skype interview, submission of I-20 to SEVIS,  (1) mailing of the I-20 (additional mailing $100 per mailing), F-1 registration upon arrival in US, F-1 required maintenance and F-1 transfers, transcripts and university applications.

Medical, Accident, Athletic Insurance coverage while in the United States. Insurance does not include prior illness.

Meals at School:  Includes a daily school lunch budget per semester.   This is for lunches served at school only. Any lunches while on school trips, activities, and athletic events are not included and must be purchased by the student.

Meals at I-House: Meals at the I-House are included.

School activities: Participation on an athletic team, uniforms (not including shoes or items that the student will keep at the end of the season), admission to all athletic events on the Laurens Academy campus, Laurens Academy T- Shirt, Laurens Academy yearbook, Laurens Academy prom, and some field trips.  For seniors: Graduation and diploma expenses, ½ Senior page in yearbook.

I-House Activities:  There will be a schedule of activities for students.

I-House Housing/Supervision: Student will be provided with room and board. All furniture and linens are included. Student is responsible for personal items.  Supervision is provided while at school and at I-House. Students are allowed to be off campus without adult supervision. Seniors will have special privileges regarding supervision.

Transportation: Transportation to and from school and school activities is provided.

Additional Student Financial Responsibility Incidentals such as: optional field trips (like New York or Disney World), medical fees not covered under insurance, emergencies, non-covered athletic items,  cell-phone or card, optional school clothing and gear, class ring, additional tutoring or ESL instruction, money for athletic events not on the Laurens Academy campus, full Senior Ad in yearbook, school pictures, airline ticket  (in the event the student is sent home for any reason), etc. will be the financial responsibility of the student.  Students must have own cell phone with local phone number.